What is nursing school like

  1. Hi. I just got accepted in to my nursing program (ADN). I was wondering how hard nursing school if is if you have finished all your pre reqs (A&P1,2) ( psyh) (Englishes) ( micro) etc. with mostly A's and B's. For the nursing program I have strictly nursing classes like nursing health concepts. How hard if nursing school if you have just nursing classes no pre reqs. Iv mostly seen negative comments from other Posts and I am now worried.
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    There are hundreds of students who have asked this same question. Try typing "is nursing school hard?" or similar into the search box. As far as earning all As and Bs in the pre-reqs, it does not guarantee that the nursing school will be easier or harder. In general, I heard nursing school courses are much harder than any pre-requisite courses.
  4. by   Simplistic
    Nursing classes are different. Thats the best way I can describe them. The material isnt necessarily that hard, but its the AMOUNT that they expect you to memorize and be proficient in, that is the problem. Also, the tests tend to trip people up.
  5. by   MayGirl2013
    Hi Simplistic, I saw that you messaged me back in march since I am interested in the Brookdale program but this wouldn't let me PM you. Anyway, I am still interested in the program - any way I could email you?