What do you learn in Organic Chemistry?

  1. Just finished up the Intro to Chem a few weeks ago. I'll be starting Organic Chemistry. I was surprised to discover I'll be using the same book that was used in Intro to Chem. Maybe I'll be learning the same thing over again??

    To those who took Organic Chemistry, what did you do and learn? Did you do metric conversions and molarity problems??
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  3. by   lightsnoise
    No--we never did any math problems. We skipped the review on equilibrium, so basically O-chem is totally different from inorganic-chem because the majority of the things you learn is how to draw/name organic molecules and reactions involving organic compounds. But my class was a intro to o-chem/biochem so we learned about lipids, proteins, carbs, dna replication, protein synthesis, metabolism, etc.
  4. by   GrayMatter
    Organic chemistry is the chemistry of organic carbon compounds which covers almost all carbon compounds except for a few inorganic ones- a traditional 8 hour year long course will cover alkanes, alkenes, alkynes (hydrocarbons) and functional groups, alcohols and ethers, amines, carbonyl compounds, the reactions of these, lots of memorization of these structures. It would absolutely NOT use the same text as intro to chem as it's just too involved.

    If your course is a single semester class I'm not sure what it would cover unless it covers some basics of organic, biochem, metabolism and large molecule structures and function like proteins, carbs, lipids and the function of these in the body (like enzymes for ex.) Anyway, good luck! Organic chem is very interesting!