What do I do after completing pre-reqs and already applied to ABSN programs? What do I do after completing pre-reqs and already applied to ABSN programs? | allnurses

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What do I do after completing pre-reqs and already applied to ABSN programs?

  1. 0 I am currently in the planning process as I hope to make the jump into a nursing career by going through an accelerated program. Can someone provide some advice based on the following scenario:

    Fall 2013: start taking prereqs (AP1, Microbio, Psych, etc.), volunteer at hospital

    Spring 2014: finish prereqs (AP2, etc.), volunteer at hospital, start application process for several ABSN programs (all of which have application deadlines in Fall 2014)

    By the end of Spring/Summer 2014, I would have already completed all my prerequisites and will be in the process of applying to my chosen programs (deadline in Fall 2014).

    My question is this ... once I have finished all of the above and now play the waiting game to hear the schools' decisions... with most ABSN programs starting in June/July 2015, what am I supposed to do for an entire year after I applied?

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    I am wondering the same thing! Hmm I'm planning on taking a math class that I need to brush up on, and also I am applying for any hospital jobs that I can fit into. I am also trying to get a spot volunteering somewhere... Good Luck!
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    You might want to try a CNA class. You will get some hands on experience.
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    My plan is to take Phlebotomy. I already have a medical assistant certification and the college I am planning on attending, as of right now, requires to have a CNA so I have to have that before I can apply for the program. So during the wait I am going to take phlebotomy to help learn some skills before joining the program.
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    Work as a CNA or a PCT and get real world experience.
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    I would look at the specific programs where you want to apply, often you can have some pre-requisites in progress when you apply as longs as these are completed prior to matriculation into the program. Contact the schools - you may be able to apply next fall/winter for a 2014 start date depending on the amount of classes you have to complete. Good luck!