What classes should I take to be a rn

  1. I want to be a rn by going to a community college first and then transferring into a nursing school to get my BSN ,and I really need help deciding what classes to take my senior year of highschool. The classes so far that I'm going to take is AP Chemistry, Dual enrollment precalc, AP English literature and composition, Economics and ROP physical therapy. I just don't know if I really need to take AP english literature and composition. Should I take the AP English class?? Yes or No?
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    Does your school have college advisement office? There should be a person who you can talk to who will guide you in the right direction. For example, he or she may tell you which courses you can take now so you are better prepared to apply to nursing schools.
  4. by   llg
    Each nursing school has its own requirements. So you should find out the requirements of the nursing schools you hope to apply to. As the previous poster said, an academic adviser at your school can probably tell you the requirements of your local nursing schools -- but they won't know the requirements of schools that are far away.
  5. by   imhorsemackerel
    Usually the requirements for nursing programs are on the school's website. Sometimes it might take some digging. It would depend on the school. If anything, you can also call or email schools that are far away.
  6. by   meanmaryjean
    Honestly, if you qualify for AP English, you are likely a fairly skilled writer. And so, of all the courses you listed, AP English is the least useful. You could probably safely take regular English and reduce your workload some while not impacting your college outlook much if at all.

    Something to consider.
  7. by   karmachameleon
    I took AP Literature in high school two years ago and the workload was extreme. You could take a easier English so that you have more time to focus on classes that are more science related, like AP bio or chem. Just my thought.
  8. by   nenyart92
    I am literally on that same goal right now. Well, as for now I am almost finished with my LVN. After that, i'm going to take prerequisite college classes that apply to just the General Ed part for a Bachelor's Degree while working as an LVN. A lot of schools are different for degree requirements. However, it's good nonetheless to make sure any prerequisite college classes you choose are transferable to any university; and apply to BSN. But i guess where you are at, it would be best to find a bridge program that your high school offers. The college counselor there should guide you where ever you need to be.