What are my chances of getting in???? Need honest opinions PLEASE!!!

  1. I'm kinda scared. I applied just to an ADN program at the school I having been attending. This program works where some prereq's are allowed during the program,but I have finished them all. A good number of ppl are finishing this semester and courses required can be based off of midterm. (blah!!) I currently have a 3.77 gpa with 62 credit hours. (A in micro & a&p 2 , B in a&p ) I made composite score of 94 on the hesi (above 92 on the sections given) I am taking classes this semester to pass time. I have all A's at midterm (they check midterms for all applicants) they are all classes that can be translated into the nursing field as well like phlebotomy for one. If i finished as strong, I would be at a 3.8 something. I wanted to apply to two BSN programs but I was a class short for both and another ADN program,but i felt confident in this one. Now, Idk. I HEAR it is very tough to get in what do u think my chances are w/only about twenty spots ??
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  3. by   firefly101
    Sounds like you have a pretty good chance. My gpa was only 3.6 but i got a 98% on hesi (granted it was my second attempt). Your gpa is pretty strong, and your hesi score is great (the average at my school is 85%). When do you find out? Let us know what happens!
  4. by   Nursepsp2b
    I find out the end of November. They will mail out letters. The suspense is killing me!!! I've tlked to about six or seven other applicants and I look pretty good, but idk what the other 100 or more ppl may have. I think about it EVERYDAY!!! I have worked pretty hard to keep a high GPA and score well(we are only allowed one try). I try not to stress, but it is my future. I just REALLY don't want wait a whole year or semester and with so many ppl wanting me to fail or not get in at that. I'm not trying to impress people(esp. Ppl IDC about) but it makes success a little sweeter, ya know??? I know I'm smart and can do it if given the opportunity. I just needed someone on the outside to give feedback. What you said made me feel a little better though
  5. by   britthohenbrink
    Sounds to me like your chances are very good.... kep us updated and I wish you the best of luck on getting excepted. I am planning on applying for the ADN program at my college in Jan. and just the thought of it makes me nervous.
  6. by   kplp1111
    Are you still taking the "extra class" or two for the BSN and ADN program? and your credentials sound great. I bet you will get in.
  7. by   Nursepsp2b
    Glad you think so... & okay gonna keep u posted. I bet you are nervous. I am myself. I hope you have luck with this crazy process as well .
  8. by   Nursepsp2b
    Two of the classes I am taking are used for BSN, but I would still be short one class for both schools I was considering(not the same class btw). I have faced that fact I couldn't apply just yetbut the other ADN program I could've but didn't b/c I was like I'm getting in for sure. Now, i just caught a case of self-doubt, but if I am turned down (knocks on wood) I will apply for a bsn in the spring for fall term. I'm really glad you think so as well! I heard a few stories about 4.0s & above 95% tests scores & not getting in but I dnt believe it much. Unless they weren't finished with the classes absolutely mandatory or had a felony or something or to sike ppl out. I'm just afraid there may be others that outshine me. I just wanted opinions from ppl who aren't friends/family/foes for honest answers who know how the process can be.
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  9. by   Nursepsp2b
    I got in!!!!!
  10. by   britthohenbrink
    Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you're ecstatic.
  11. by   calinursestudent818
    Your chances sound pretty good! Keep us posted what happens!
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  13. by   Nursepsp2b
    I am very happy!!! Still in shock...feels damn good
  14. by   Nursepsp2b
    & thanks u guys !