Ways to get into nursing school

  1. I am taking pre-nursing in September, I hear they take a lot of students into the nursing school from that program they want at least a B average and they make you hand in a resume when you apply.. I am currently starting to volunteer at the hospital for the semester working with patients and I have a head doctor at the hospital in the city here who is a family friend and is going to give me a reference letter with my resume when I apply for nursing school. I know I can get good grades is there anything else I can do to help my chances of getting in ?
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  3. by   Compassion_x
    Volunteering, working as a CNA or PCA/PCT, get involved in school programs/clubs.
  4. by   nursetobe15
    what school are you applying to?
  5. by   mmcnabb3
    when i applied for my program, they told me grades are the most important but if someone didnt have the greatest GPA they would look at volunteer work to help get you in. So i say keep your grades strong above all else, i have a 4.0 in my pre reqs with no volunteer work and i got accepted into my first choice for the entry level masters program. If you feel your grades slipping, quit your other things and focus on school. if you can get straight a's and volunteer, then you can get into any school you want pretty much.