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Waiting GAME!

  1. 0 Is anyone waiting for a letter to come in?

    Has anyone received their letter?

    The deadline was March 15, so I am wondering how long it will take!
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    I turned my application in on March 1st and we're supposed to hear back next week if there were any issues with our packets. Final determination letters go out the first week of May. It's gonna tough waiting all of April.
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    if it makes you feel any better, when I applied to Nursing School, the deadline was in June and we didn't hear anything until November happy waiting to you
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    when you refer to final determination letters are you talking bout the response back after recieving an acceptance letter? cause i know that acceptance/declination letters are distrubted within 3 weeks after the application deadline which was march 15th.. CPW--Nursing (listed under ranking and selection)
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    I'm still waiting on word from a school who had a Jan 15th deadline! They told us they will send out decisions in April! Meanwhile I applied to another school with a 2/28 deadline and was sent an acceptance letter less than 2 weeks later!
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    what schools did you apply to? i only submitted my application for moraine and am preping for the hesi to apply at chamberlain.
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    still waiting too
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    The place I applied has a deadline of April 1st for applications, and acceptance letters aren't sent out till May 30th at the earliest!

    How in the world do I keep myself occupied for 10 weeks?
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    You will probably here somthin the second week of April
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    I applied at two places. The BSN program I applied to was done online, and I received no confirmation email from the school stating that they got my application. The deadline was February 1st and decisions don't go out until...I think April 1st? I wrote it off since I don't know if they got my application or not.

    I also applied to an ADN program at one of my local community colleges. Applications were due on February 15th, I turned mine in in person on February 10th and I got word of my acceptance on March 15th. I would have heard about it March 3rd, but I forgot to check my school email AND the phone company changed our phone number, so the school of nursing was unable to call me with their decision, eventually, the admissions officer messaged me at my personal email telling me to call her, I'm so happy she sent me that email, if not I would have forfeited my finalist position in the ADN program! THAT'S RIGHT I GOT IN!!!!! I had 2 C's, but my HESI score and total classes completed bumped my score up enough to get into the program
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    Congradulations so happy for you. Your anxiety of waiting & checking the mails over
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    The deadline here was February 29, but for priority consideration had to be in on February 15. I got my letter of acceptance today!!! Such a huge relief!
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    Hay SuperMeghan91 I'm glad to hear you got in. I'm waitin to hear back from a few colleges to see if I got in. Can you please tell me what you made on the hesi that helped you get in?