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Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else? - page 8

I just sent in my final piece for admissions, my essay. Now, I wait. I will find out in October if I'm accepted for spring start. I've waiting so long to get here. Anyone else playing the waiting... Read More

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    I got my email for interview aka proviosional acceptance, more a formality cause its group interviews, meaning other students will be with me in the room. This is UCF Daytona Campus.
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    Wait is over!! Accepted!!
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    Quote from smm22
    Wait is over!! Accepted!!

    I applied to three different schools, got acceptance with two. After much soul searching, decided on the part time bridge! Whoo hoo!!!!!

    Beyond excited!!!
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    I applied to Wright College in Chicago. They don't start sending out acceptance letters until December. I'm waiting impatiently!
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    Quote from princezzav
    I applied to Wright College in Chicago. They don't start sending out acceptance letters until December. I'm waiting impatiently!
    December? Well....crossing fingers for you :-)
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    did anyone else have interviews prior to being accepted or waitlisted? What kind of questions do they ask?
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    Still waiting!! Hopefully next week will be my lucky week!!
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    Still waiting!!! Someone posted about Aquinas sending out letters the last 2 weeks of October??? I'm SO nervous, that is soon! It's like I WANT the letter, but I only want it if it's an acceptance letter, not a denial!! For those other Aquinas students, how did ya'll do on your Kaplan? I made a 77%...anyone know if that is good enough??? My friend got in with a 78% but her GPA was higher than mine. As a mother of 5 children, the sooner I know if I'm accepted the sooner I can start planning!!!!
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    I've been calling Aquinas about once a week, bugging the living day lights out of them. I was told by Ian, in admissions that they won't know until we do on who got accepted. I have a feeling he's telling me that to get off his back a little, but you never know I guess.

    I have a friend that started their program this fall with a 3.2 GPA and with a 67% on her Kaplan. I made a 70% on mine with a 3.3 GPA, so we'll see. I'm nervous, but alot of nurses and techs I work with that have been through their program or is currently going through it, says I have nothing to worry about. Easy for them to say, right?
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    See, I don't get that. My friend got rejected with a 3.7 and a 78% on her Kaplan, BUT wasn't a current student at Aquinas. They must give preference to current students. She took one summer class last spring, and BAM, got accepted! I have a 77% on Kaplan with a 3.1 GPA. I was proud of that having 5 children at home to take care of, and a hubby who works constantly! I asked Dr. Smart (my advisor) and he said November we should find out, i'm hoping before that!!! I think he told me Nov so I wouldn't call mid-October and bug him! lol!
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    I was also told it all depends on how many people apply. I'm hoping not as many applied for spring start as they would for a fall start. I'm trying to rationalize with myself here...lol
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    I got the same thing, man-nurse, but mine is at a different campus. Good luck with that and let me know how it goes!