UW BSN Vs. Georgetown BSN?

  1. Hi everyone, I just got accepted to both BSN programs at University of Washington and Georgetown University and now I have to make a decision in between. Any thoughts? Is there any current student or alumni of either one can give me some idea about how you feel about these two programs? Thank you!!
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  3. by   windsurfer8
    I went to Marymount University in Arlington VA. Think about cost of living. Do you know the housing around Georgetown? Are you going to live in dorms? The cost of living in Georgetown is mind boggling. I lived in Arlington VA and I was paying 1800 a month for a crappy 1 bedroom apt. And it was bare bones and UNSAFE. I would look at cost of living etc and all that because really nobody gives a crap where you went unless it is like Hopkins or something. As long as you graduate with a high GPA you can get into any graduate program with a degree from either of those places. I had no problem getting into a masters program from Marymount U because my GPA was 3.8.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    I lived in Seattle 9 yrs and got my MN at the UW. Awesome, awesome school, wonderful city to live in, great hospitals. Excellent public transportation, many cool and interesting neighborhoods to live in, cool vibe. I liked DC well enough but Seattle totally rocks. The UW Med Center/School of Nursing/Med School/Dental School is the best. Say hi to 'em for me!
  5. by   Claraljy
    Thanks for your both advices! I have been at UW since freshman year, I actually pretty much get used to everything here already. I was just wondering if Georgetown will be worth to have a try and if it will give me a different college experience. But I will definitely consider the cost and safty! I will definite let them know you said hi to them GrnTea