U of MN or St. Catherine's MSN program?

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    Hi all,
    I am in great turmoil. I tried to get into the University of MN's Entry-Level Master's program and failed. I feel defeated. I am now trying to get into the Entry-Level Master's program at St. Catherine's. I have people telling me not to settle and to try again next year at the U of MN and people telling me to go to St. Catherine's. I like St. Catherine's cause it is small, personal and friendly. I hate that the U is big and sees you as a number because there are so many people that want to go there - they don't need you. The problem is that the U has the clout and the prestige and the name. So my question is do I do all the hard work and try to get accepted to the U, which may be all for nothing or do I just go for St. Catherine's. I don't want to regret any decisions. Not trying for the U of MN means more time with my small kids but less prestige. If I go for the U of MN, I have to study and take the GRE, volunteer, take another class and perhaps get a CNA job. I don't have to do anything else for admittance into the St. Catherine's program. Does one school over another matter that much? What would you do?

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