Traditional BSN Fall 2013

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    I haven't seen any posts by students who are applying to Traditional BSN programs for Fall 2013 so I figured I'd start one. Just like many of you, I'm curious of where I stand as we all know the competition is fierce. I have applied to UF,UNF,JU,NOVA, and FSU. I'm currently in chemistry, I take microbiology and stats next semester. My prerequisite gpa is almost a 3.8. I'm taking the teas on February 28th and have been studying for a couple of months, I'm extremely nervous, I hate standardized tests! What schools are you applying to?

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    I applied to Neumann University and was accepted for a traditional BSN program that starts this fall. I have a 3.4 gpa and still have to take Chemistry and Micro which I will be taking this summer.
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    Where is Neumann University? Congrats! I would never dare to take those 2 classes together so kudos to you.
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    I live in Maryland and applied to schools in this state. I am in my last semester of pre reqs (A & P 2 and a 4 credit comupter class). I graduate this May from a community college with an A.S. in pre-nursing & an A.A. in psychology. I have a 3.4 GPA (hoping after this semester it'll be a 3.5 or higher). I also volunteer a lot and have a part time job in health care. Good luck to you both!
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    Neumann is in Aston, PA, a small town outside of Philadelphia. I am definitely a little nervous for the 2 classes this summer but I'm hoping with note taking, recording lectures, and lots of outside studying I will be ok. What state are the schools you are applying to in?
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    Zoe92: wow an A.S and an A.A.? That's great! I've been trying to find a part time job in healthcare but haven't had any luck, they want prior experience. What do you do?Celang: I'm sure you will be fine, just gotta manage your time well which is a good skill to learn prior to nursing school or so I've heard. The schools I'm applying to are all here in Florida.
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    paigekc: have you thought of taking a CNA certification class? I took one at my local community college and really enjoyed it. I have also heard that this will give you a leg up when you get to clinicals in nursing school. I know that here in PA many nursing homes with hire you without prior experience but with that certificate and many will even reimburse you for the cost of the class.

    zoe92: that is awesome that you will be graduating with an A.S and an A.A. good luck to you!!
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    Celang: thanks for the advice! How long is the class usually?
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    It was 8 weeks long, two days a week, 7 hours a day. The last two weeks were spent in clincial at a nursing home. I have heard of some programs that are 5 days a week for 2-3 weeks. It is definitely something to look into to gain quick experience and jump start a job in the healthcare field. It was such a rewarding experience, I recommend it!
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    Paigekc: I watch a woman with Alzheimers about 24 hours a week. I feed her, give her medications & change her (she wears adult diapers). It's great experience! If I were you, I would look at getting certified as a CNA, phlebotomy or even just apply at the local hospital as a unit secretary. Check out nursing homes or hospice too to see if they have an openings.

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