Three sciences with labs for Spring '13?

  1. I'm enrolled in A&P II, Micro and Inorganic Chem I (NEED that one, since it's a pre-req for Inorganic II, which is a pre-req for Organic I... ugh). All three have labs, all of which would be completed on class days. It works out so that I'd be there from 9AM to 10PM Mondays and Wednesdays, leaving me with a few hours per night the rest of the week to study. Would you go for it? As well as the ridiculous chem sequence, I need at least 3/5 of the required sciences completed before I apply to UIC's (super-competitive) nursing program.

    I'm half-thinking of dropping Micro and replacing it with a 3-credit humanities/arts class, but then I think of all the research, novels and essays and figure it might be just as much work, if not more. Have you already taken Micro? How was it? I got an A in Intro to Chem and I think I'm getting an A in A&P I, as well. The Micro prof says he doesn't assign any extra work to do outside of lecture & lab hours. Other info: I don't have a "job" job, but I do stay at home and take care of my two kids (3.5 and 20 months) and don't have a ton of help with childcare.

    Any input appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    Oh my oh my that sounds like one heck of a work load. I know I would never load myself like that, I need 10 hours of study time a week just for science lecture classes and another 5 hours a week for the science labs. So if that was me taking those classes I'd be studying for um...40 hours a week outside of the classes. Shoot me now!

    I'd choose a humanities class over micro to go with A&P and chem.
  4. by   lolads85

    Granted I am not "science" minded and have to work extremely hard for the grades I am getting.. I wish I had spaced out my schedule. I am currently doing AP II, Microbiology, Nutrition and Elementary Stats. AP II and Micro qualify together as a full-time job. if I were you, and you have the time. Take your two most important labs now, save some of your sanity for your family and other loved ones.

    If you end up doing the schedule you are thinking of doing - I will be thinking of you girl! You are a brave lady
  5. by   PCroizier
    I took microbiology, anatomy, physiology, and health 101 all in the same semester, as well as working 10 hrs a week in the biology lab and taking care of my 2 year old all while I was also pregnant! To say the least I was getting my A's by a hair in both micro and phisio. It was tough but also easy because there were many connections in the work that made studying not so compartmentalized. I spent many hours in the anatomy lab on my 'breaks' between classes (30 minutes here, 45 there..etc.) I had no real assignments to do outside of class which was great it was all reading and reviewing. It is possible but it is not a breeze.
  6. by   dkmamato3
    That sounds like one intense plan ... if it was me, I would not do it. If you can hold of on micro for now then I recommend doing so. Good luck!