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Hi all! Just wanted to start a forum for TJU FACT-1 or 2 applicants to the Center City location. I submitted my app August 10 and had my interview yesterday. Feel free to contribute and ask... Read More

  1. by   cac18
    Submitted my app 10/30 and unfortunately received a rejection this morning. I'm honestly shocked I was rejected so quickly, but it is what it is. Best of luck to everybody else, hoping you all get some good news soon!
  2. by   tuf95
    That's actually shocking to me. Could it be because you didn't have all the pre-reqs or requirements done? I really can't see them rejecting someone that quick
  3. by   cac18
    Quote from tuf95
    That's actually shocking to me. Could it be because you didn't have all the pre-reqs or requirements done? I really can't see them rejecting someone that quick
    My pre-reqs are complete, and are all A's (well, chem 1+2 were A- so my pre-req average is 3.9). My undergrad GPA is trash though, I was extremely depressed and squeaked by with a 2.7. I'm 28 and got my BA over 5 years ago - I think most folks understand that we grow and change and the person we were when we were 18-20 is certainly not reflective of who we will be or what we will be capable of in the future. I realize I'm an underdog applicant, but I was very confident that my recommendations, essays, work experience, and small bit of healthcare experience made me a unique and competitive applicant. I'm considering asking what factors lead to such a quick decision, especially without an interview, but I'm not sure it's worth it.
  4. by   tuf95
    Yeah definitely. I mean I feel like a lot of people that apply to these programs are trying to change their course direction.

    I am the opposite of the general people that apply to programs like this, which is why I feel like I am an underdog applicant. I am 22 graduating with my B.S. in Biology in December. I actually work in healthcare currently and I have for two years as a direct care aid. (I did my prereqs along with my major in a very challenging program,) so my current GPA is a 3.22. I was originally a pre-med student who literally DREADED the idea of med school... it just wasn't for me and I knew that by my second year, but I was stuck on what to even do about it since I was already halfway through the track. I am really nervous about not being accepted because, unlike how I felt about med school, I am actually excited about this and my heart is set on it as corny as that sounds!

    If I was you, I would contact them and ask them, because then you will know what to do differently if you know what I mean. Especially since you did well in your Pre-reqs.
  5. by   futureAGPCNP
    @cac18 it might be worth it to contact admissions and ask them why you were rejected. You could tell them you'd like to know how you could improve your chances and make your app better for next time. Did you apply to any other programs?
  6. by   cac18
    @tuf95 honestly it sounds like you're a very competitive applicant, I wouldn't worry about being an underdog at all. Working in healthcare especially sets you apart from the pack in my opinion.

    @futureAGPCNP I'm on the fence about contacting them, my admissions decision was sent from a generic "do not reply" email and was quite impersonal - I honestly don't imagine them taking the time to personally address my admissions profile given their applicant load. I obviously can't do anything about my undergrad GPA, but I do know I can boost my application profile by getting more healthcare/volunteer experience, additional recommendations, etc. Ultimately though, if GPA is the deciding factor I'm out of luck no matter what. I have applied to another program and am sending out one or two more apps to programs with spring deadlines, and will add some more schools for the next round if need be.
  7. by   Tierravalen
    Hey -

    I actually dont have any of my pre reqs done. I have a 3.7 GPA from my previous Bach and have been working full time for 3.5 years. Just started my pre reqs this semester and are taking more in winter and finishing in spring. Anyone think I have a chance? Thats about the only thing I think that would hold me back. Of course Jeff is my number one choice
  8. by   futureAGPCNP
    Best of luck to you with your other schools @cac18! I only suggest that you contact Admissions because I've talked to the people in that office and they've always been willing to speak with me and offer me advice : )

    @Tierravalen you've got a great GPA so that's a great starting point! Unfortunately I think you need to have some classes completed before you apply. This is what it says on their prerequisite guidelines:
    The below prerequisites must be completed before the program begins. Prerequisites may be in progress at time of application
    but the majority (including 3 of the 5 sciences) should be completed before an admission decision can be made.
    A conferred
    bachelor's degree is required before the program begins, but may be in progress at the time of application. Applicants should
    have at least a 3.0 bachelor's degree GPA and at least a 3.0 cumulative science GPA to be considered. Meeting the minimum
    requirements does not guarantee admission.
  9. by   yh1991
    I submitted my application 8/27. Is it normal to be waiting this long to hear anything?
  10. by   tuf95
    Do you have all your pre-reqs completed?
  11. by   futureAGPCNP
    Contact Admissions to check up on your app!
  12. by   tdixon1828
    I interviewed last week and was accepted today! So excited to start a new beginning!

    I know some of you mentioned Penn was your top choice. Are you waiting to hear back from Penn before guaranteeing your slot?
  13. by   futureAGPCNP
    Congrats @tdixon1828! I had to submit my deposit because the deadline was last month and I didn't receive my invite to interview at Penn till just yesterday. Grateful to have been accepted to Jeff though and would be thrilled to go