TEAS test, where?

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    I need to take the TEAS test for one of the schools I'm interested in. I know I can take it at that school, but it's about 5 hours away from where I currently live. Does anybody know where I can sign up to take the TEAS anywhere from Los Angles to San Francisco. I'm about halfway between the two, so either is fine. I'm sure somewhere in either of those major cities has to be offering it, but I haven't found a major site for the TEAS that lists all the test sites. Thanks in advance.

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    Check with the schools that offer a nursing program in any of the cities near you. The CSU schools with nursing all offer the test, and some of the private schools as well.

    You can also call the ATI testing company and ask them for a list of testing sites. I have found them to be pretty helpful and nice. (800)667-7531.

    Good luck!
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    Any one know where I can the TEA's exam near Los Angeles? I need to take it ASAP, preferably this summer. Thanks!!!
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    ATI, only has schools available in Northern cali, and it seems that you have to attend that school or have applied to that school to take the Teas there. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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