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  1. 0 Ok so i have been searching for info on the teas test for a few weeks now and have read a lot in here on it but can't seem to get anything on the science portion of this exam. I do very well in all reading, english, and math. have you ever seen a student who has straight a's in everything then bombs in one area? Well that is me. I just don't get science and am extremely worried. I passed science by the skin of my teeth in high school, and let me tell you i worked hard to do it. So I am wondering if anyone out there has taken the teas, and could tell me what exactly is the science portion on. I have the book, and have tried to study it but the level seems kind of high to me. I am working on the body systems now, and have the test this thursday eeeeeeek!!!
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    I can't remember one question on body systems. The test asks several experiment questions, and even had a question about mountains, also several about things off of the element table, electrons and such. It is VERY random. You will probably do better than expected though, just stay positive, Good Luck!
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    Where did you get your study guide for the teas test? Let me know how your test goes. Thanks.
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    You get the study guide from ATI.
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    this is directly from my result sheet after taking the test.

    science portion is broken down into questions from:

    Scientific Reasoning
    General Science
    Life Science
    Chemical Science
    Physical Science
    Human Body Science

    hope this helps!
    *research broad concepts!