Teaching AND Nursing. Is it possible?

  1. I have just made the switch to Nursing from Biology. I'll be a Sophomore in college and I have a lot to think about. I started out as a Biology major with hopes of going towards Medical or Pharmacy School, but I realized neither was what I wanted to do. Now I have come to the decision of Nursing because I have always wanted to work with and help children. It's always been my so called "passion" to work with children. I have decided to go towards Nursing because of the great job stability and the ability to advance and have many different options. I have seriously contemplated either the NICU, Pediatrics, and becoming a school nurse after I finish. But it has also come across in my mind many times that I would love to work in a school setting with little children as an educator.

    So, what I am really trying to get at is if there is a possible way to satisfy myself completely? Do you think it's possible to be a elementary school teacher and a Registered Nurse at the same time? I understand there would possibly more schooling involved, but I would work in a Catholic school setting because it's where I went to school and enjoyed the Catholic school system. The only thing with completely being only a Catholic school teacher is that the pay is miserable. I understand you should never do anything because of the money, but at the same time everyone comes to a time where they have to learn how to live on their own and be able to support themselves financially. Nursing to me is still something I would love to do and I think it's a great profession, but I want to find a way to incorporate both into my life. Maybe part time nurse at the hospital and full time elementary school teacher? Is that even possible? Please let me know if you have any ideas on this!
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  3. by   llg
    Possible? Yes
    Practical? No

    Meeting the requirements for both professions would be difficult and probably expensive, unless you live in a state with minimal requirements for teachers in private schools (which some states do have). Also, dividing your career energies between 2 professions would make it difficult for you to excel in either one.

    Why don't you decide which career path is best for you before making a huge investment? If you're not careful, you could end up with HUGE student loans as you jump from one career path to another before making up your mind. You could dig yourself a deep hole of finacial debt that would take you decades to recover from.

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide.
  4. by   peachshan
    I plan on teaching while going to a part-time nursing program, God willing. However, once I finish the program, I plan to work solely as a nurse. I think working as a pediatric nurse will allow you to use your skills to teach families while practicing your nursing skills. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  5. by   rmhgy5
    Thank you for the comments! I have found out with the Catholic private schools in my area, they don't necessarily need teachers to be licensed or have degrees in education. I know this may sound sketchy but they choose their teachers by their religious qualities and abilities. I have known some teachers who started out working as teacher aid's and then worked their way up and are now have teaching positions. They do require to have degrees but not necessarily in education. I may work as a nurse and go from there and see how I like it. My mom worked as a nurse and then returned to a job prior to it. She has returned to nursing once again after nearly a decade off because of the extra money, but she only works part time.
  6. by   Stephalump
    I agree that it's definitely possible, just not practical - you might be able to do everything, but of probably won't do all of well.

    Odds are as you end up proceeding on your journey you'll find yourself choosing one, the other, or something else entirely different that you never thought of. And then you might change your mind and so something else. You don't have to do it all at once
  7. by   green34
    A lot of people change careers. However, you may find your nursing degree classes do not play nicely with any bachelor programs. I would look into see if you actually need a bachelors in education or if you can just use a masters in education in your state for education. It may be easier if you just need a masters. My state will allow people with a non-educational bachelor degree get into master of education programs.
  8. by   rmhgy5
    I have found that I can get a Masters in Education in my state without a Bachelor's in Education. I was also considering this a route if I really wanted to do education, but as I stated earlier. The Catholic School systems don't necessarily require the teacher's to be certified or have Education degrees. Having a strong faith and been in these Catholic School Systems in my area since I was in preschool helps a lot too. I have interned with a second grade teacher at my Catholic elementary school when I was a senior in high school. I haven't really conferred with any of the teachers at the school though about their schooling. I may try to talk to some and see how they went about becoming a teacher there.