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I need some encouragement and maybe a kick in the pants.... Back in 1999, I was a 3.9 gpa pre-nursing/pre-med major and loving it. I dreamed of being a doctor or a nurse practitioner working in... Read More

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    Wow, so glad to come across your posting tonight. Very encouraging! I truly understand your fear, as I have struggled with my own self-doubts... As for me, I just needed to come to terms with my original dream. And bite the bullet, and take the risk, and try again.
    It was just time. (I just posted about it tonight...) From reading your post, you seem like a very intelligent woman that knows what she really wants. If I can go back, anyone can! So stay positive future nurse, be encouraged by all here, and keep your eye on your goal.
    PS: Stay away from the "dream-stealers" they will suck you dry. I learned this the hard way. ~Many, many blessings your way~
    God Bless You!
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    Before, I forget I am 46 years old. Don't worry about age.
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    Great words of encouragement @ violetgirl!

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