Take Biology I AND A&P I at the same time?

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    Hi folks, I'm a 35 year old student at the University of West Georgia. Next semester I'll start taking my sciences for the Nursing program and I want to get through my pre-reqs quickly so I am considering taking Biology I along with A&P I. I'll also have one more (easy) core class. I realize this will be tough and wanted to see if anyone else did this. Thanks!

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    At least for us Biol I and II were pre-reqs for A&P. And I think those classes definitely help during A&P. But if you have reasonable time to dedicate to the courses and do well, I'd go for it

    Good luck!
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    Same here, Biology was a pre-req for A&P. It is doable but keep in mind you will be applying biology concepts to A&P so I think it would be best to complete Biology first, however I am close to your age and I completley understand the desire to get through quickly. I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide.
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    I never took college biology and am doing fine in A&P. I think that they might actually be helpful to take together, as there will be some overlap. Good luck!
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    i took bio in high school 30 yrs ago.....and that was considered to be a pre req to a & p 1...which i got a 93 in....now i am doing A P 2......
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    How did it go, I am thinking about taking both in the fall.
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    Most schools consider Bio 1 a pre-requisite for A&P. Usually you cannot be concurrently enrolled. Check with your advisor to see if you can do this.

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