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Hello everyone!!! I know we're midway through this semester. You probably haven't begun to think about summer classes. I on the other hand have. I will be taking Statistics, Econ and ethics. :( sooooooo my summer is shot!!! What... Read More

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    I still need:
    A&P 1
    Chem w/lab
    Dev psy
    English Comp 2
    Microbiology w/lab
    .....before I can apply for the BSN program. I am still trying to figure out what to match up for a successful summer semester.
    I want to take a health class and a Spanish for health professionals and I need the CPR for health professionals. I have to wait for fall to take A&P, there is no way I could manage that one in a short summer semester.

    I am thinking chem w/lab, CPR (it is only 2 full days, so it wont kill me), English comp 2, and the pre-requisite for statistics.
    If you see a better pairing, PLEASE let me know!!
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    Taking A&P II this summer.
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    I am taking organic chemistry this summer. I was thinking of whether or not to get A&P I out the way this summer but decided against it.
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    Quote from mskrisCNA2RN

    Thanks Hun I'm doing this on top of working night shift at a rehab facility full time so I totally appreciate the support
    No prob, n don't feel too bad cuz I decided to add a precalc class to go along with a&p 2 for the summer. We will be fine, my dad always said a lil hard work never killed anybody.
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    Quote from Nurse2b7337
    Keya86tiff try and google ginkgo bilob! If my memory serves me correct this stuff helps with that. Keep us posted!
    Thanks I will do so
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    Quote from Yoli82
    I'll be taking Stat and Microbiology! FUN, FUN, FUN!!
    Wow good luck lol I'm taking A&P 1 & a computer class for nursing! There goes everyone summer but we have to sacrifice I pray to god that 2-3 years from now we all be up here saying we are RN's 😃GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE
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    I'll be taking an 8 wk. Microbio course followed by a 5 wk. A&P II course...and then directly to start my ABSN prog this Fall. Oh, joy! Lol
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    I'm taking A&P1 and Nutrition
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    Oh lets see, Im taking A&P I and Microbiology this summer. They say you should not take two science class together, but I know I can do it. Both 8wk classes. LETS GO!!!!
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    I start a BSN program this fall. I have to take intro to philosophy & allied health chemistry. I just want good teachers, especially for chemistry which is not my favorite subject.