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The nursing program I hopefully will be attending this fall requires health insurance. Being that I'm a non married stay at home mom, I don't have any. Is anybody aware of insurance coverage for... Read More

  1. by   dt70
    Do community college health insurance cover full year? Let's say your full time spring and fall.

    I plan on working before school, then either quitting or reducing hours to 20.
  2. by   andypayne30
    I'm starting nursing school in July and my school requires that I have some sort of health insurance. So I looked around for the most basic coverage I coulf get and found the company below. I just called the customer service line and the lady walked me through everything. I haven't had health insurance for almost a year. There was no penalty, no down payment, and it's only $78/month. You can start it and cancel it whenever you choose as well. You might want to give them a call...

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