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The nursing program I hopefully will be attending this fall requires health insurance. Being that I'm a non married stay at home mom, I don't have any. Is anybody aware of insurance coverage for school situations that is... Read More

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    Generally no. But you will generally have to show proof of insurance. Some schools automatically charge unless you show proof of health insurance.
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    Most schools offer student health insurance plans. In my state, it is mandatory to have health insurance whether or not you're in school.
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    I had no health insurance upon going back for my BSN, I got the insurance through the school and it is billed into my tutition. Its pretty good insurance through Aetna the only issue is it doesnt cover prescriptions. Alot of the time I try to get generic so its cheaper.
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    Do community college health insurance cover full year? Let's say your full time spring and fall.

    I plan on working before school, then either quitting or reducing hours to 20.

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