Struggling in Anatomy & Physiology 2, what do I do? Struggling in Anatomy & Physiology 2, what do I do? | allnurses

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Struggling in Anatomy & Physiology 2, what do I do?

  1. 0 Hi, I'm a current pre-nursing student at Miami Dade College and in my last semester here. I took anatomy 2 lecture and lab last semester (fall) and dropped it and got a W because I thought I was going to fail since the grades were looking bad. I enrolled in microbiology and lab, anatomy 2 and lab and intro to sociology this semester and I currently have a C in mcb lecture and an A in the lab. I'm doing well in the anatomy 2 lab but am doing poorly in the lecture. I've had 3 exams so far and I've gotten two Ds and an F. One will be dropped and I still have three exams left and some quizzes. I shouldn't withdraw but am not sure if I will pass. Repeating anatomy 2 and lab three times seems like a very bad idea. What should I do? Do you think I have a shot at passing the lecture portion of the course despite my failing grades? I would appreciate honest advice and asap. If I were to drop this course, today is the deadline. Thanks.
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    Have you spoken to your professor? I wold definitely talk to him/her for advice on how to do better. I would also look back on the last 3 tests that you didn't do well on to see where you went wrong. there could be a pattern, such as continually messing up on multiple choice or essay.
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    I agree that you should talk to your professor..... they will know if they think you can pass the class with the grades that you have. I do think it is possible if you buckle down and figure out what you are doing wrong. Last semester I started AP2 with a "D" on the first test and "C" on the second and still ended up with a "B" in the class. I went to my professor and we sat down and tried to figure out what I needed to work on most and how I could improve myself as a student.

    Good luck and God Bless.
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    Thanks for the tip. I talked to him and he doesn't want me to drop at all, not even an option. He told me to study really hard, come to the earlier lecture and join a study group. He told me dropping would be a big mistake and not good for the nursing program.
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    Hey thanks, yes I've spoken to the professor and he doesn't think I should drop. I agree with you though, I have to buckle down and STUDY. I still have the chance to pass and I just really gotta learn my stuff and do anything possible to improve my grade. Your past experiences encourage me so thanks for sharing. I will probably have another talk with him about my grades but I'm definitely not withdrawing from the course. God bless you too
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    If you still have 3 exams and some quizzed left, you call totally bring your grade up. Especially, if your final is worth 25-30%. If one exam was dropped, that means you have two D's. If you rock on the remaining exams, you can really bring it up. Stick with it.