Still Frustrated with Pre-requisites. I'm sorry guys, please help me. - page 2

Okay, so I started a thread a little while back on my frustrations with community colleges needing pre-reqs before I am allowed to take the pre-reqs I need for nursing school. As a few of you so... Read More

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    I took a class at a community college that I had the most units at for one semester. The class was a business contracts class and was super easy. It put me in the queue to get my class pick the following semester because I had a lot of units. Is this making sense? I hope so if not I can explain it out again

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    Thanks you guys, I feel better knowing I am far from alone in this. So frustrating.

    You made a really good point ixchel, the pre-reqs might really help me get better grades in the classes, so I'm not actually taking them "for nothing."

    And capella44, I'm glad your persistence paid off for you. I will have to do the same and hope for the best (eeek! makes me nervous!). I think I'm going to have to look at a lot more community colleges than I was originally anticipating!

    Confusedstudent_88, I think I understand what you're saying...were you a business major at one time? It sounds like you took a class you didn't need and were able to get credit and build your status as a current student so that you could have a better registration slot for the classes you needed?

    It would be just so lovely if I could find a CC that didn't have priority registration. I would just die if I got accepted into my first choice nursing school and was dropped for not being able to get into the last few prereqs or something before matriculation. This "marathon and not a sprint" is starting to feel a lot more like a crawl
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    Here's what I figured colleges seem like a good deal because they are inexpensive but you might end up taking more classes than you need taking prerequisites for your needed nursing prerequisites, which in the long run doesn't save you money and it may take you 2-3 times as long to get all your needed classes.

    I am attending a private Catholic university and while the tuition is 4x as expensive, they are letting people register for pretty much whatever they want. You don't need to be admitted into a program. There is not so much annoying bureaucracy. Check into some of these types of programs. They may admit you as a general ed student which could make you eligible for financial aid.
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    I was starting to wonder about taking all of these extra classes even making this a "good deal" anymore?? I think I am going to look into other colleges as well. If a CC won't save me time and all that much $$ then maybe I just need to take them somewhere else. Thank you duckyluck!
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    don't buy into doesn't cost more money or time...all you have to do is be diligent about getting into these classes and you will be fine. If you can't get into one class then take the other prereqs while you wait until the next semester. Biology is not your only prereq so do what you can, when you can. CC is just plain cheaper...$10000 for total program cost at a CC or $40000 at a private school or university??
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    I never declared a major. But I took that class because it was the only one available and yes it helped build my status. So when the next semester rolled around I had 1st pick of classes because of the amount of units I had taken at that school.

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