Staying in shape while going to school

  1. I've been working in the health care field for over 3 years now as a nurses aid and I'm currently working to go back to school for nursing. I was just wondering what you all do to stay in shape while in school. My schedule is a little crazy and I hardly feel like I have any time for myself but I also feel like if I am going to become a nurse and advocate for healthy living by my patients I should be practicing what I preach.
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  3. by   rubato
    I'm a senior this year. My day usually consists of getting up at 5, running and lifting weights, then school all day. I pack healthy meals and snacks and never eat out. I also walk the dog at least 2-4 miles in the evening, except on clinical days.
  4. by   secquoria
    I started doing insanity workouts but now I'm started classes in the a.m and working fulltime 3-11pm as a CNA, bus ride home after midnight. Study. Sleep. I'm may have to modify my workout routine and do insanity on my non-class days.. Anything to keep moving.

    The way you eat helps greatly even if you cant get around to exercising as often as you like. I'm a vegetarian and my only beverage these days is water...
  5. by   queserasera
    I've packed on quite a few pounds since doing work FT and school FT the past two years. Now that this is my first smester only working two days a week I'm finding I have a lot more time to do things for myself. My biggest thing is making all my meals at home, and taking snacks with me everywhere.

    Workout wise I live down the street from a Bikram yoga studio so I do that 4 mornings a week at 6am and ride my bike 4 miles to and from school if it's nice out. Feelin' good and down 10 lbs already!

    I understand not everyone has this option so I always say at the very least park really far away from where your going and walk, take the stairs always, I also try and jump rope whenever I have a spare minute or two.
  6. by   GaGeek
    I'm not in nursing school yet, but I am working and taking pre-requisites. I also have 2 toddlers and 2 dogs and 2 cats and a foster dog. And I'm married. LOL. I've just had to learn to be flexible about my work outs and get them while I can. I might run at 9pm on Monday and 8am on Wednesday and on my lunch break on Friday. Although my running schedule is never the same from week to week. I try to at least go every other day. I also find 20-30 minute yoga videos on youtube that I can do daily at whatever time of day suits my current schedule. If that means 10pm, so be it! And I try to get in off-road bike rides in between runs. That has been my biggest sacrifice in this busy schedule.

    And of course, always packing a lunch and being careful what I eat. Actually, this part is my down fall. I love to eat. And it's so much easier to eat crap when I'm busy!

    You'll find a pattern (or lack of) that works for you. Just remember to keep it fun. It's your YOU time!
  7. by   green34
    I gained a lot of weight in nursing school between working a lot and having access to the cafeterias. I recommend strongly in packing. I also recommend weening off any soda now before school starts. I am starting to work out more because I cut my hours down to 24 1 week and 36 another week whereas before I was working a minimum of 36 but really more like 54+ hours a week.

    If your significant other can do shopping, then it's a lot easier. My biggest downfall is never having time to shop.

    Another thing that contributed to my weight gain is I stopped working out at the school because I was having an issue with an ex who was in the police academy. It's bad when the cops tell your ex to his face that he is "f--- weird." He almost was kicked out over the issues.