Statistics online?

  1. Has anyone taken a statistics class online? Thoughts on this? I'm a second degree student trying to get my pre-reqs done on time while trying to keep my work availability open. Thanks for any feedback.
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  3. by   Sart45
    I took Statistics Online last summer. I am not a math person at all! I managed to get an A!!!! I also have a degree and this was my first prerequisite class. I was actually glad I took it online because I would of been embarassed to have been in a class due to my lack of knowledge of the subject matter. We had an exam every week and the option to do extra credit which I did. The instructor was very helpful and responded immediately to questions. This is not always the case with Online classes.
    We also had an Online resource called "MathZone" that really helped explain things. Also because it is Online you have access to your text, etc. for exams. We did need to get a Graphing Calculator (expensive); I borrowed one from a high school Trig teacher. The math department of the college also let you rent them if needed. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
  4. by   coleVT10
    Thanks! Yeah, I am just a little concerned because I am not really a math person either. I have taken genetics which applied statistics quiet a bit and I did well in that class. I really would prefer to take it online, I just was wondering if anyone found it extremely difficult.
  5. by   tap87
    Statistics online is not bad at all! Especially since you can take the tests, etc. online. I am really bad at math but ended up getting an "A" in stats. The math zone is really good if you're able to get access to it! Even though I am horrible at math I was able to figure out most of the problems by following the steps in the textbook or searching online for more examples and trying them.

    Good luck!!
  6. by   Sand_Dollar
    I took it through ccconline. I don't like math either, but it was the easiest Math class that I have ever taken. I got an A as well.
  7. by   coleVT10
    Thanks you all! From my brief exposure to statistics in genetics I felt like it was mostly plugging numbers in to equations, is this pretty much true? But I think you have sold me on taking it online. Thanks again!
  8. by   Sand_Dollar
    That's exactly what it is coleVT10. As long as you can figure out what formula to use then you'll do great.
  9. by   coleVT10
    Awesome, Thank you!