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Good day all, To I am registering for my spring classes. I wanted to know if anybody here has ever taken A&P I with 3 other classes? Is it doable? Spring'13 Bio 11-Human Anatomy & Physiology I... Read More

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    Should be doable! I'm taking A&P I in the spring along with 4 other classes. Pre-calc, Personal & Community Health, Fundamentals of Communication (Speech), and Creative Writing. We can soo do this!
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    Quote from astronomia
    I took A&P with neurobiology, nutrition, microbiology lab, A&P lab, and a bio lab. It is very doable, you just have to manage your time properly. A&P requires tons of hours of study time.
    Your a genus how did you do that
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    spring I'm taking:

    Pathophysiology 1
    A&P II
    A&P II lab
    Developmental Psych
    Intro to Computers
    a 400 level language course
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    Spring semester I am taking A and P 1 , Inro Chemistry and Honors English Comp . Very excited for the spring semester to start