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  1. by   Tracec29
    Maybe based off of old forums ?
  2. by   mrobl3s
    I think 120 is not necessarily the min score needed. I have seen earlier posts on admissions where people got less and still got accepted.
  3. by   Logic
    That's true however because of the limited space this time (seats) they are more competitive.so in the pass they could have accommodate lower even 108.
  4. by   mrobl3s
    Yea i understand that we can only hope our scores in general are enough. Do you know how they will add scores? What are your stats if you don't mind
  5. by   Lucy48
    My question was: where did you get the information regarding the "120" number?
  6. by   Logic
    Scores A =4, B=3, C=2...multiple the amount of credits. So three credits and you got A (3*4=12) then you add it up plus Nassau residents, and teas scores 5 points for 58-70, 10 points for 71 to 89 and 15 points for 90-100. Max you can get is 45 points on the teas for the three subjects area. Comprehension, language and math. My score is 145 points
  7. by   Logic
    Insider!!! Hahaha. However if space permit and accepted students refuse their seat because they got accepted at other preferred school then they will full the seats with second choices.
  8. by   mrobl3s
    Ah Okay so lets try...

    A&P I B+ (4cr) = 13.2pts
    A&P II B+ (4cr) = 13.2 pts
    Microbiology A (4cr) = 16pts
    Eng 101 B (3cr) = 9pts
    Psychology A- (3cr) =11.1pts
    Sociology B (3cr) =9pts
    Lifespan C (3cr) =6pts
    Statistics B- (4cr) =10.8pts

    5pts for not being a nursing student prior

    Reading 78.7=10pts
    Math 93.8=15pts
    English 66.7=5pts


    ?? is this correct?
  9. by   Logic
    Yes you are in... congratulations!!!
  10. by   Logic
    By next week you will get a letter in the mail. It is time sensitive because you have to register ASAP so they know how many students to expect for spring and if they will have more space...so look out for that. Group orientation... hope I see you soon. Go NCC..
  11. by   mrobl3s
    LOL! fingers crossed. I was really looking into the night session for fall. Do you know any insider info about that? lol
  12. by   Logic
    Yes, you can transfer for that too.. in fact I will do that. Tell you the secret at orientation.
  13. by   mrobl3s
    Get out!!! i hope so that works a whole lot better for me and working wise
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