Should a pre-nursing student get a CNA certificate/how hard is it to find a CNA job? - page 2

Will this improve my chances of being admitted to a nursing school? Or is it likely for me to find a part-time job if I have to spend $800 or so dollars on such training? Any advice? Thanks!... Read More

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    I think if you have the time, definitely go for it. At least it cannot hurt.

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    Having a CNA certification was required in my state for nursing. There were several people that just got their certification and never worked as a CNA that failed our first clinical because they were still working on developing their basic care skills while the rest of us were working on our Nursing Skills.

    So, YES, Take the CNA class! It will only benefit you!
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    Plus,if you work for a hospital,some of them pay to further your education..cna-rn or bsn...but you probably would have to work with them for awhile
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    Go for it! You'll be able to refine your skills and be exposed to things that classmates / fellow applicants haven't been. You can never have too much experience and every thing is a chance to learn something.

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