Should i wait a yr off to apply or apply soon?

  1. Hey everyone(: well im pretty much second guessing myself if im ready to apply to the nursing program or not, because during the apllications are open im still going to be in two pre req classes and they will consider those a B even if i get a A at the end of the semester , also I feel like if i take a year off and just do GE classes, and if i do get into a nursing program a year later it will be less GE's i have to deal with. What do you guys think? regrestration is every Feb. by the way. Any advice or says would help (:
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  3. by   Tyler626
    I can't stress enough to just take your time. If you're in your early twenties what does it matter if it takes a year longer to graduate nursing school? That's how I always looked at it. I took my time got my GE's out of the way and some core nursing classes that my school allowed me to take in advance. And I'm SO happy I took my time because now, when I start in the program this coming fall, I will only have 2-3 classes per semester all of which consist of NURSING classes. I will not have to divert my attention to some stupid filler elective class. Just strictly nursing. So, in my opinion, WAIT and get all of your GE's out of the way and see if your school allows you to take some nursing courses early. I have even talked to some of my friends who did not decide to take their time like I did and are 1 year ahead of me and they all said they wish they would have done what I did because they are stressed over classes that really of no use.
  4. by   jess1029
    That is so True! Im only 19 almost done with my pre reqs. Im just going to take my time and get ahead. Thank you for reply! (:
  5. by   hopefulRN'17
    I'm 35 and doing just that. I will be done with all pre and co requisites when I apply. Less stress in the long run
  6. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    I agree you should take your time but maybe when you are going through the application process, take an A&P refresher course... Stay fresh!