Should I take 5 classes at once?

  1. If I get into the nursing program I want to take 5 classes a semester.

    Has anyone attended college full time and taken 4-5 courses per semester in a nursing program? If so did you find it way too overwhelming? Or were you able to manage? If so how?

    Thanks for any advice.
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  3. by   Iridescent Orchid
    For my Nursing Program my school already has our classes mapped out for each semester. For your first semester I think that would be just fine. For example my 1st semester Nursing, I have to take Nursing Fundamentals (10), Introduction to Health Care (3), Drug Calculation and Administration (3), Nutrition and Diet Therapy (2). So that's 18 Credit Hours and 4 courses. Not a problem. But I figure they keep the amount of classes after that low for a reason. For my 2nd semester Nursing, I only have Medical-Surgical Nursing Nursing I (9)and Medical- Surgical Nursing I Practicum (7). That's 16 Credit Hours and a heavy course load just with those two alone. My last semester I will have to take 6 courses, so I suppose I'll be ready to snap by then! LOL So if your college lets you pick and choose, I'd advise you to not bite off more than you can chew. Good luck!
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    my school maps it out for us...first semester is fundamentals and pharmacology...only 11 credits but its more than full time if you count class time
  5. by   hopeful_2013
    My school maps it out for us, as well, in a very detailed degree plan by semesters.