should I retake them?

  1. I currently hold a 3.4 GPA. This is why:

    2005, Intro to Algebra, grade C (although later took college algebra and got an A)

    2010, Biological Basic of Behavior, grade D, later retook and got a C

    2011, Computer Systems, Grade D

    I want to be competitive. I am white, but fluent in Spanish (or at least I will be) and I also volunteer at a hospital. In order to get in to a good school, either in Virginia or Florida, should I retake those classes to raise my GPA? or do you think with my Spanish and volunteering, I'll be good enough...I don't want to retake obviously because of time and money...
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  3. by   zoe92
    I would retake them if the school you are applying to looks at your overall cumulative GPA just to bring that 3.4 up (which is still a good GPA!).
  4. by   hodgieRN
    I would retake at least one. Get rid of the D grade.

    Being bilingual won't really matter when you are going up against people with a 4.0. The only place it will really work is when you are applying for a job.