Should i quit my to go to nursing school?

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    I am planning on finishing my pre-reqs in the fall after my my second baby is born this summer. Iv'e been going over my options, and thought i would inquire advice from some people that have been there I have been working at hospital for about two years as a secretary. I originally postponed school to work when i found out i was having my first. Now that im having a second i really need to finish my education to support my family. My job is mon-fri 8-5 it doesnt leave alot of room for scheduling classes, studying and taking care of two babies. My fiance has agreed to work so i can quit and go to school full time, but it will be rough and we will have to cutback on a lot of thing, like eating, lol. mY question is if i have the option to not work so i can focus on school should i take it. Is the program going to be more demanding than i think? Also anyone that has been through the sacrafices and hard times to finish school was it worth it? i already have an associates so im only looking at about two years of really being student broke. Thanks
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  3. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    If you can afford not to work, school is always more manageable without having to hold down a job.

    If you already work at the hospital, though, it might be better to stay employed. Some places have hiring preference for people who're already employed there and new grads can use any leg up that they can get.

    I'd also be careful about cutting your finances as close to the bone as it sounds like you would. Accurate budgeting is hard, especially with the unknowns of becoming a full-time student and adding a 2nd kid to the mix.

    In these times, I'd caution anybody about quitting any job without a replacement already lined up.
  4. by   laylasmom
    Hey thanks for the reply, those are very good points, this process is very confusing lol. I worry about the very same things, i was also thinking of taking a prn position here maybe when school starts.
  5. by   soxgirl2008
    Is there anyway you can transfer into a part time or PRN position? I definitely would not recommend working full time, but I know people who work part time with kids and it's do-able for them (everyone is different though).

    School is definitely a priority over keeping your job at the hospital, but if you can I would try to keep a part time or PRN job at the hospital if at all possible. I'm not sure about where you live, but around here it's hard to get into the hospitals if you don't already work there, because there are so many employees going to nursing school and internal applicants usually are favored.
  6. by   laylasmom
    Yea im very hesitant to quit since i already have a foot in the door, i just dont want to spread myself to thin. PRN or part time is something im seriously considering. I was also thinking of taking a short CNA corse while im on maternity leave. They have lots of prn cna postions at my hospital... What do you think?
  7. by   Flnolegirl
    I would go to a part-time position. You already have a hospital job which could be very beneficial to you in the end. Managing school, job, and a family is no easy task but it is doable with a lot of hard work and sleepless nights.
  8. by   Compassion_x
    Do part-time or PRN. That way you don't have to work fulltime and go to nursing school, but you and your family don't have to starve either. :P
  9. by   sarolaRN
    I didn't read everyone else's responses yet, but have you spoken to your supervisor or director or anything about going part time? Since you are working in a hospital, and if it is a large one, it might be worth it to see if you're eligible for tuition remission or reimbursement through your work, and if you're still eligible as a part time employee. Even if you're doing secretarial work now, I think sticking around while you're studying nursing might be beneficial for you- it may give you opportunities you might otherwise miss to get your hands dirty with some nurses in your department, maybe an internship or you may even be able to apply your work towards school for credit (I worked in home care where one of the staff nurses was able to get her full time job signed off as credit for community nursing)
    I would say look into the part time, definitely. People have done it before, and will continue to work full time with a family and go to school full time. It sounds like you have a solid support system and you're open to make the situation the best for you, and in the long run, for your family.
    Good luck!!
  10. by   laylasmom
    Wow! Thanks for all the responses, the hospital does have a tuition reimbursment program, but its only for full time employees. I do believe i will stay on as PRN or part time i spoke with my fiance about getting my CNA and applying for PRN CNA here, hes definetly on board. Thanks!