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Should I or not?

  1. 0 This is my 1st post so here it goes!
    I'm going to be a junior in high school next year and I feel the need to start planning my career now, my mother is a nurse and she seems to enjoy it, its a god career choice because you help people too. So I'm thinking about taking a college class next year that is offered by my school as both a college and high school credit, I really want to take it because it will allow me to be a CNA, I think I could get past the negative aspects of the liner of work, but I'm scared about the class its self... I guess I'm just trying to see if you guys have any hints or reasons I should not do it????
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    There's no reason not to take the class. It's only one class right? Imagine taking 5 hard pre reqs. Now that's pretty stressful. But make sure you do well in the class, whatever grade you get will transfer over when you start college. What class is it anyway?
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    If you are thinking about going into nursing, definitely take the class. That way you can find out if you'll actually like nursing. It's good experience, but I also recommend working as a CNA, and not JUST taking the class.
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    You should definitely take some classes!! A jump start is always a good idea!!
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    I 100% think you should do it. There's no better way at this point in your life to check it and see if nursing is what you really want to do.
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    I think you should definitely do it. The class will help you get some insight to what the profession is like. Just really make sure you do well because you don't want to start college off on a bad foot. Your college GPA will follow you for a VERY long time.