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I had spoke to my advisor last week as registration starts on Monday.What she suggested was A&P1, Basic Chemistry and Critical Reading. From what I have heard Chem and A&P are not a good choice together. I need some input before... Read More

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    My school wouldn't allow you to take any A&P courses before Chemistry, I had to get permission from the program adviser - which was odd considering when I had worked on my bachelors I had already taken chemistry...maybe it was a different one, I just stopped asking why after while...but yes, I took A&P I with chemistry. And it wasn't bad honestly!

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    I am currently in micro and chem together an don't find it that difficult. Chem hasn't really been that hard it time consuming. I read the book, go over notes, and do the homework.
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    I did Chem, Biology and A&P 1 in the same semester (I called my BioAnatIstry semester), and I worked and I have a son. I was ALOT, and there were times when I thought I would go insane, but I ended up with 2 Bs and an A, so it is do-able (it's not easy, but it is do-able). FYI - nursing school is WAY harder; I'd go back to my BioAnatIstry semester any day!!!

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