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Hello everyone I got accepted into nursing school for the spring semester but I am scared and excited all at the same time. Is nursing school really that bad because I have read some horror stories... Read More

  1. by   studentnursemon86
    Quote from mindofmidwifery
    Not trying to be rude or insensitive but you got yourself this far, not the lord.
    This is not cool. I am not a very religious person, but I have my chats with the big guy upstairs on a daily basis (please get me through this day, help me help this patient, etc..)

    Yes, you need to do work to get there, that is true. But many use their faith to motivate them and give them perspective on things.
    I for one, rely on my faith to cope with things and it gives me the strength I need to stay up until 4am studying when all I want to sleep; or to help with a code at work without having a meltdown.
    If you say "not to be rude" before typing or saying something, just keep it to yourself, because it IS rude.
  2. by   LoriT1219
    This was a very unfortunate comment to come across, and like studentnursemon86 said, if you need to start off with not to be rude, you clearly realize just how rude it is. I, for one, do strongly believe that yes, we do get ourselves where we want to go, and that faith alone will not do the job. You can pray and pray all you want, however if you don't put in your part and hard work it will be in vain. Faith along with works is my strongest suit. I know a lot of people believe it is a waste of time, because they may be lacking faith and others who think that if they pray and not put in work, magic will just happen. Faith along with works, on the other hand is a beautiful sight to watch as it plays itself out. I wish all of you future RN's out there all the best during your great times, and during your not so good ones, which I am sure we will all have at some point. God bless each and everyone of you. :0) .....P.s... TGIF