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Hey everyone! I'm wondering if it's possible to become an RN then transition to an MD? I'm kinda in the crossroads between Nursing school & Med school at the moment. Just thinking about both options. Your opinions would be... Read More

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    ksecatero21 - If you're registered with your tribe then you would be considered a URM; and since Native Americans are the minority of those that would fall into the same group, it could work out well for you.

    I made a similiar post not too long ago because I'm also torn between the two. A few people suggested I shadow more doctors and nurses. It helps to talk to people in both professions!

    Something I didn't see mentioned are Pre-Med post bac options after you have your degree. I know Tufts University has one, as well as Johns Hopkins, Goucher, and Columbia. They require a high gpa to get in, but their purpose is to help those with the potential to become a Doctor despite small issues.

    Depending on your financial situation, this may be a great choice for you because you could work as a nurse while transitioning.
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    We also have that BA/MD program at our school, but I'm not sure if that's just limited to incoming freshmen.
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    thanks cocoabean I know I was lookin at the BA/MD program but I'm not sure as well

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