1. Hi everyone. Im a starting Senior in High School. I plan on going to Dixie State College in Utah and I have a few questions.
    At Dixie State, they require; Applicants for bachelor's degree in nursing must have associate degree or advance standing.
    And I wanted to get my BSN to become a Midwife. So do I have to get my associates degree, then my BSN, THEN I can go to a Midwife school? Do I need to take all those years of schooling?
    I was just wondering since my Family is'nt doing really good with our income money, and that's alot of money to pay for school.
    Another question here is: How long does it take to become a Midwife? And how much more money will that be?
    Thanks to all that help me with my "future" problems. I like being prepared early, and knowing what I'm doing in life.
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  3. by   Cassie_Flip
    You're college is implying that you need to complete at least 60 units in lower division classes before applying for the nursing program to receive your BSN (make sure to complete the required pre-req courses before applying). All colleges require this for any major. If you attend a community college first, you would do the same thing.
  4. by   judit4424
    what does that mean? 60 Units? so I need to take a class after high school and before going to college in order to get my BSN? Thanks for answering.
  5. by   Cassie_Flip
    "Advanced Standing" means that you have completed all general education requirements and can then apply to your school's nursing program. You must declare yourself as a nursing major when you get to your University. However, just because you are a "nursing major" doesn't automatically mean you will be accepted into the program. You have to apply, and competition is tough. Overall to earn a bachelors degree in nursing or any field you must complete a total of 120 units, which are 60 lower division (general education/pre-req's) and 60 upper division (your major's requirements).

    Good Luck.
  6. by   roscopeeco
    college is generally divided into two parts. the first part is your first two years (60 units or, put another way 60 credit hours). The first 60 hours or two years of college is considered general education courses. The second year of college is more specific in its focus. If you wanted to complete a BSN, you would take general education courses for 2 years just like everyone entering college. Once those are completed and assuming you are in good academic standing you will apply to the school of nursing, within the same university. Once in the school of nursing you will take courses specific to your major. You can get there one of two ways. You can proceed as you plan to do and take all your general education courses at the same university that offers the BSN or you can attend a community college for the first two years and earn an Associates Degree and transfer all of those hours/units into the university in which you plan to complete your nursing degree.
  7. by   HouTx
    Note to OP - In order to become a Nurse Midwife you'll need to have an MSN (Master's degree) & certification as an advanced practice nurse... CNM.
  8. by   judit4424
    Thank you all, I understand more know. So, in my first two years of college, I will focuss on mainly Math, English, all the general education requirements, then after getting all that out of the way, In the final Two years of College, I'll start taking my more major classes. ok, Starting on Next Thursday I start Volunteering at the hospital, too make sure It's the type of enviroment I what to work in the future. What kind of college nures books do you guys recommend I read in order to see the kind of things I need to learn in college?
  9. by   Cassie_Flip
    Volunteering is a great idea! However you REALLY need to speak with the Nursing Adviser at the college you want to attend about their program. You must declare yourself as a nursing major and they will generally tell you what classes you need to take and when. Don't just try to select classes on your own. Your counselor can also help you with these questions and information.
  10. by   stefanyjoy
    judit -- look on the website of your local community college and see what the classes needed are to get an Associates in Arts (AA) or Associates in Science (AS). Either of those this 60 credit hours. It will outline all the classes needed to satisfy an Associates degree. It generally takes 2 years of going to school full-time. Make good grades. Once you get that, you can apply for a BSN program at a University.

    If you would like to get a feel for nursing, you can also sign up for a CNA (Nursing Assistant I) course. There are no requirements usually, other than a clean(ish..) criminal history and some vaccinations. That way you can actually work in a hospital or similar environment and actually get paid for it
  11. by   judit4424
    Being a CNA seems like a good idea.
    What are the requirements for applying for that?
    Thank you all of you, I didn't think Id be getting this much advice in just one question.
    Also, Is it a requirement to have a license to draw blood? I was wondering if I should get that license before entering College, to be more prepared.
    Also, any book recommendations? nothing too fancy haha
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  12. by   DeborahK
    After getting your BSN, you will need to do 1-2 more years to become a nurse-midwife. Most programs are now 2 years long and grant a master's degree. You may be able to help finance this with financial aid from the school, and by getting a job in an underserved area after you graduate, you may be eligible for loan repayment through state or federal loan repayment programs.