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  1. 0 I'm planning on applying to a one year nursing program (since I've already obtained a bachelor's degree in an unrelated field) and I have almost all of my prereqs done. I currently have a 3.65 GPA but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a B- in A&P since I missed an exam and wasn't allowed to make it up. Given that all my other prereqs are A's or B+s, do you think have one retake on file will prevent me from getting accepted? If I retake it, I'm convinced I will get an A. What do you think?
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    If you have good grades in other pre reqs then a B- won't hurt you. But any sort of B is still not a bad grade. You should be fine.
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    Thank you for the advice/encouragement. Its stressful trying to get into nursing programs, especially the accelerated ones!
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    U should be just fine...