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  1. I am getting ready to take it and was under the impression is was 2 parts...basic math and algebra. I see a section on my form called College Leval Math and it was checked by my counselor, but I think when I was enquiring about CLEP I asked her to write that on form and she checked that box in error. Did any of you take a 3 part test including some trig, quadratics, etc.?!

    My question is does the test start with basic and then move into algebra or does it start with algebra and then go back to basic math or forward to college math?! I'm concerned because I haven't studied trig, functions, etc. because I didn't think they would be on test. HELP!! LOL Just looking to see what all of you ran into if you took the test. Thanks bunches!!!!! :redpinkhe
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  3. by   tinybabynurse
    I am pretty sure I took the Accuplacer, but I can't remember exactly what it was called. It was at the Community college and it was to determine what level of Math you could be in. I took in on a computer and it has been 15 yrs since I took any math. I found it VERY easy, I was expecting much much worse. Most of it was basic algebra...exponents, FOILing (factoring), solving for "x", etc. It was only like 12 questions. I have never taken trig or calc and I scored 118 out of 120. The results meant that I was eligible for College Algebra, Chemistry, etc.

    I don't know if this helps, but it sounds like if it's the same test, you should have NO problem! GL!!
  4. by   Batman24
    That does help and you have a good memory because it says 12 algebra questions!! lol TY!!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I took the Accuplacer in 2006.

    It starts all test takers off with an elementary algebra test to get a feel for your ability level. Your performance on the elementary algebra portion determines which test you'll take next.

    For example, people who perform well on the elementary algebra portion of the Accuplacer will progress on to take the college level algebra section, while the people who performed poorly on the elementary algebra section will get bumped to the arithmetic portion.
  6. by   Batman24
    TY Commuter. Does the more advanced portion effect your basic algebra score?! I think I just need to do well on the more basic parts to avoids anything remedial. I would do very well in the basic math and I think I can hold my own in the basic algebra, but I didn't study the college math/intermediate algebra at all. Should I do so?! It looks like my school doesn't care about the college level stuff which is why all of this is so confusing. Any additional info you can provide would be great. Thanks again. :redpinkhe
  7. by   TheCommuter
    If you do well on the elementary algebra testing, you'll automatically proceed to the college algebra section of the Accuplacer where one of 2 outcomes may arise.

    1. If you do poorly on the college algebra test, you'll likely be placed in a remedial intermediate algebra class. This is the level above elementary algebra, and the level below college algebra.

    2. If you do well on the college algebra test, you are eligible to be placed in a college algebra class, thereby bypassing any remediation classes whatsoever.
  8. by   tinybabynurse
    Batman24, I think you'll do really great. I didn't know in advance how many questions there were and I thought the 1st 12 questions were to determine where the test would go from there...but then it was done. Seriously it was all basic basic algebra. GL!!
  9. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    I took the Accuplacer test last August when I returned to school.

    I used cliffnotes website and other websites that refreshed my memory of some things I have forgotten in the 20 years since I graduated HS. I also taught myself some things that I don't remember ever learning in the first place.

    When you take accuplace your score determines if you continue to the next section. So if you pass the first part (which determines if you need non credit math courses) it will then test you for college algebra. If you pass that section it will start to test you for trig. I think the box they check determines where to start section 1, section 2 and so on. If you start in trig and don't do well it probably will take you to the test for section 2 and see how you do there.

    I passed the first two and it started to test for trig and I had NEVER seen anything like it in all of my days and so I placed in the college algebra, which is where I needed to be to take the chem class I needed and so that is all I hoped for anyway!

    I hope this helps!

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  10. by   Batman24
    Thanks everyone for the help and kind words!! It truly helps!!

    I spoke to the testing department and then said it would only be basic math and elementary algebra. It appears that my test is like Greenzo's and stops after 12. I really don't think I will have a problem with either.

    They said theirs only goes into college math if required and I don't need that for my courses. They did say the counselor after seeing my scores from basic and alg could suggest I take the college math test. My nursing program has no math/alg requirement other than passing the Accuplcer and NET.

    Truth is I can do some of the college math, but like Kim the trig would be a mess as I've never had it. I don't think anyone wants to see my score on that. lol