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    just a quick question for you guys. I took psych and statistics back in 2006 when I first graduated highschool and did not really know what I wanted to do with my life. now that I am going back to school for pre nursing, I realize those are two prereqs. I got a C in both so I would like to retake them before applying for the programs for next spring. which do you think schools would frown upon more for having a C? my schedule only leaves me to retake one before I plan to start sending out my nursing apps.
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  3. by   meeep
    It really depends on how competitive a school you're planning to apply to. If the school isn't super competitive, and neither are one of your sciences, I wouldn't worry about it. If the school you want to attend only accepts 3.8+, then yeah you may want to retake them.
  4. by   alibear27
    Some schools don't use all of the courses you have taken to calculate your gpa. In addition, some schools won't take a repeated grade and will only use your original grade. You need to research the schools you are most interested to find out exactly what the requirements are. If the course will be computed in your gpa, and they will take your repeated grade, I say go for it since schools are so competitive these days. I wouldn't want a C on my record heading into applications.
  5. by   elkpark
    Lots of schools won't accept science courses more than 5 years old for transfer credit, so you may need to retake them anyway, regardless of your earlier grade.
  6. by   Kvedaa
    I would check most schools only take classes taken within 5 years, mine extended that to 7. But I highly doubt C's will make you competitive enough unless it is just a lottery system.