prerequisites cost.

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    Hello,I am curius about ruffly the cost of prerequisites,and about how long it takes.

    I have been trying to contact the collage,and they do not answer the phone.

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    It varies greatly and only your specific school can answer this question. It depends on the cost per credit hour your school charges, and the number of classes required.
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    This is for my prereqs for my bsn:

    For my in-county tuition at community college I'm paying about 95 per credit hour + lab fees + misc. At a full time course load it's about 1400+/- a semester (plus about 400+/- a semester for books). Multiply that by 4 semesters (each semester taking 15 credits).
    You'll can do it in 2 years (for the 59 credit BSN prereqs)
    So like $7000?
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    A full time student at Holmes community college is $975 per semester I believe. I'm not full time at the moment and only including school fees. Books averaging $400 per semester. Other than that our credit hour fee is similar to what was mentioned above.
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    It just depends on your school and location. I would contact the school or look online
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    I go to the same school as Chelsea13 but get charged out of county rates. So I pay $186/credit. I am in my last semester of pre reqs and have paid a total of $12K for my pre req education. I didn't include the cost of books in that number, but like I said I am charged out of county rates & I took some winter/summer courses that are more expensive than fall or spring semester classes.

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