preparing for nursing school suggestions for study guides, flash cars supplies etc.

  1. Im still in the process of getting my pre reqs finished up before next fall. I am curious as to what one of the best stethoscopes/cuffs are, some great study books/flash cards etc for nursing as well as biology and anatomy. Also any other recommended supplies that will be useful such as PDA'S and medical supplies other than the stethoscope.

    thanks in advance! I like to be prepared and I would like to purchase supplies a little at a time so it will be a little easier on the pockets instead of buying all at once
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  3. by   MommaTy
    From what everyone tells me, don't study anything before nursing classes start. Relax and enjoy your free time. Don't get an automatic cuff, they don't always work for all patients. Any manual cuff will do. As for the stethoscope any littmann is good. Every nursing school is different, so I wouldn't buy anything until they give you a list. Contact the school and ask what they would require you to have. Good luck.
  4. by   Kvedaa
    I honestly wouldn't purchase anything until you are in a program. I have a ton of equipment, from stethoscopes and cuffs to scrubs from my years working as a CNA and the BSN program that I am in now requires completely different stuff so I have to purchase another set. I got a lot of use out of my old ones though but it is spendy and I would hate for you to buy stuff you can't even use!
  5. by   layeley
    I know, I have an intense urge to start buying thing to go toward my LVN/LPN program but I am afraid it may be a waste of money. If you are wanting to prepare yourself start researching the different kinds of shoes you may want for school. They can be very expensive and if you buy the wrong type it could be pretty painful. Find a local scrub shop that carries the brands you want to try and go get fitted. The Dansko's are a popular nursing shoe but the sizing is a little funny so I wouldn't buy any until you have tried them on. On other supplies, My local scrub shop gives college students a 20% discount on the things "listed" as required items by my nursing program so if you have something like this close it can be significantly cheaper than ordering online through Amazon or Ebay. Anyway, You will probably need a pin light, stethoscope, BP cuff, flat watch with second hand (was told by a nurse this is better to find one that has an elastic band since you will be moving it to scrub hands on a regular basis). I have also been told that you may want to find a crate to put in your vehicle for extra textbooks you are not using so you can have access to them quickly and they wont slide around much. Hope this helps.