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Personal statement/Nursing application essay

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    I'm going to be submitting my application to various BSN programs and am working on my personal statement right now. I am finishing up my bachelors degree in Nutrition and decided to switch over to nursing. What kind of things should I include in my personal statement? Advice for applying? etc?

    Thank you!
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    I would talk about why you want to be a nurse and your career goals. Also, talk about how your nutrition degree would be an asset when you become a nurse. I would mention relevant work experience and possible financial issues or road blocks that you overcame if applicable.
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    That's great advice. Thank you!
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    I agree with the previous post. Also, when writing about why you want to be a nurse/what inspired you to be a nurse - don't just write that you want to help people and that you're caring - gear it more towards yourself and your experiences - make it personal. It will help you stand out more.