PAX-RN 2013

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    Has anyone taken the PAX recently? How was it? Do you have any tips? I take mine in about 10 days and I'm super nervous!

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    I don't have any advice unfortunately but I am also scheduled to take mine on the 13th of this month and I am a nervous wreck. I did find an awesome forum on here though by searching PAX-RN and it had some study tips and other websites to use for studying the content. Hope that helps and maybe somebody can give us some more advice!!
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    I hope so anything in the world would help! Where are you taking yours?
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    I'm in KY and will be taking it at the community college where the program I applied to is.
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    Me too! Hopkinsville Community College!
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    Shut up me too!!! It's a small world!! Are you taking it at the school on the 13th?
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    Yes! I am!!! message me and I'll give you my full name so I can add you on facebook!!
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    Hey it won't let me message you..
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    Me either
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