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I did not see another thread, so I thought I would start one for fellow students to chat and get support. Anyone else taking A&P I this spring?... Read More

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    I went to Barnes and noble today and they had a huge selection of anatomy books on sale! I am not sure if its just my area though.

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    Quote from CareQueen
    That's great! Officially, I'm enrolled in the Pre-Nursing Option too, because it was the only way that I could qualify for direct loans from the govt to pay for the courses, since I already have a Bachelors degree. At CCC, I'm taking the 6 pre-reqs, (well 4 now) I need for my ABSN program and then I'm off to Hopkins to start my ABSN in August. Are you taking A&P I this term as well? If so basic or regular? I'm taking the basic one.
    I'm not taking A&P this term, I'm going to take it in the summer. The classes that fit my schedule were full after my financial aid was released for me to use. You'll have to let me know how the class was! And wow, Hopkins - that's great! Im going to apply to Rutgers, I love that they are offering classes on the Blackwood campus.
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    Quote from Birchy

    I'm not taking A&P this term, I'm going to take it in the summer. The classes that fit my schedule were full after my financial aid was released for me to use. You'll have to let me know how the class was! And wow, Hopkins - that's great! Im going to apply to Rutgers, I love that they are offering classes on the Blackwood campus.
    Gotcha! Unfortunately, that happened to me last semester as well! In any case, best of luck to you and I'm sure you'll easily get into Rutgers! I hear that their program is great!!!
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    Quote from CareQueen
    There is a fantastic book entitled "Get Ready for A&P" by Lori Garrett that I've been reading for the past few days. It's awesome. It gives the perfect refresher for math skills, basic terminology etc complete with "complete -as-you-read questions and problems. I highly recommend it. It came as a part of the book pkg when I bought books for classes at the bookstore, but I'm sure you can find it ob Amazon.
    I've been reading that as well! My A&P I starts next week and that book was packaged up in the bundle we had to buy. (Sooo expensive, glad we won't need anything new for A&P II at least.)

    The professor emailed us the other day to let us know we should be done with that book, as well as have the first few chapters in our textbooks down. We'll be tested on them, may need to know some of it at our starting point, but he won't cover them in class. Fortunately it mostly seems to be a review (cell structure, DNA, chemistry, etc), though the directional terms, body planes, and so on is all new to me, and a couple of topics are just more detailed than the material I've learned (such as proteins).

    Looking forward to next week! I've heard the prof is a really good teacher... but really tough.
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    Yeah, I found the Lori Garrett book on Chegg. Love Chegg. I'm in the same A&P boat, and couldn't be more excited and nervous! Our prof gave us a booklet of handouts to supplement the text with activities to reinforce what we learn, etc. So far so good! On to week 2....
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    Im taking A&P 1 started that on january 7th and i love my teacher i dont no where she as been all my life lol and im also taking CPT 101
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    So I had my first class today, I got there early to sit front and center, why is it that the kid with the worst hygiene always finds his way next to me in class...

    On a more academic related note, I'm really excited for this semester. Professor has a phD in physiology and loves teaching! Hooray! My grades are based off 8 exams grades and nothing more. Which I think is a good and bad thing. I like the buffer zone of homework points, but I'll just have to make sure I kick those exams butts. He said the Histology test is the "widow maker" and of course didn't fail to mention that over 50% of the class will drop.

    So excited about this semester! I have a five hour break and then go back for a math class and tomorrow I have Micro. Should be an interesting week!
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    Wow, Chelsea! That is a lot of exams. I think we only have 5 including the final. We do have lab exams, but lecture and lab are separate courses for me. I was also lucky enough to get a professor with a phD, and she really knows her stuff. I am so happy I got her for lab as well. She goes into great detail, but really makes an effort to help everyone understand the material (versus rote memorization). I have always preferred this teaching style, so I feel very blessed!

    I'm with you, I would much rather have a buffer of homework or other assignments. My chemistry class last semester was like that - exam grades only, and no curving. It was brutal!

    My class started on the 7th, so we have our first exam next week. The amount of material is just mind boggling! I feel like its a good preparation for nursing school though!
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    So, I had my first A&P I class last night and the prof is well....different! Haha. The prof is light-hearted, makes a lot of jokes and explains major concepts in really simple terms, which I can appreciate. However, prof also makes this class seem like it's a piece of cake and that type of attitude is downright scary because I know for a fact that it isn't easy. The syllabus we were handed is not even ordered chronologically. It merely tells us that there will be 4 exams and 4 lab practicals and some quizzes...SOME quizzes!??? What does that even mean? My type A personality cannot handle this! We don't even know when the dates of the exams and lab practicals will be so that we can plan ahead. I couldn't help thinking: "What in the world? This is a community college, most of the people here have conflicting responsibilites that may require prior knowledge of exams etc. in order to plan study time. So, why would there not be previous scheduling of exams??" I don't know about others, but my prior schooling is in direct contrast to this style of teaching and it's really hard for me to figure out a plan of attack when nothing about the course seems organized. o_0

    The prof has been teaching A&P at the school for 20yrs. so there were lots of ratings on ratemyprofessor.com. I checked them out before I went to class and there seems to be two extremes. There are those who absolutely love the prof and the jokes and rudimentary explanations, and there are others who absolutely hated the prof and claimed that much of this class would be self-taught because the jokes and rambling usually cause a "glossing over" of the slides during lecture and that sometimes you're told to skip things that still seem to make their way onto the exams. We were even told to read the book as if we're reading a magazine! In other words, if something catches our eye or seems important read it, but don't fret over reading it cover to cover. Yeah, right!

    One thing that was done however, which will probably be helpful, was that we were given a pretty extensive listing of study tips from previous students on how to study for THIS class specifically. Those suggestions seem to provide a more realistic view of the level of difficulty and seem more in line with my thought process on how to do well in this type of class, so that's what I plan to do.(Outlining chapters, notecards, repetition, coloring books, atlas', online games) etc. etc. Oy vey!
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    Picking up on the chegg remark. Great way to donate money. Much easier to buy the book online as cheap as you can and the resell online when you are done. Example is rent book and lose $35 in the end or buy book for $75 and sell for $60 when your done. If you barely beat the lowest price on the site you choose to sell your book on, it will sell first. I just don't like losing more money than I have too! I'm a returning student for nursing now (8 yrs of college in other) so if someone wants a great book search site just pm. I don't think I can advertise it. Saved a ton on my books this semester. A&p book was painfully expensive either way.

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