Overwhelming myself?

  1. I usually stick to 10 credits per semester. I work part time and study when I have off. I really want to be done my prereqs this year. I apply to nursing school in June and (hopefully) of accepted first try, I won't start until Spring 2015. This is what I have left to take: Microbiology A&P 2 Biomedical ethics Computer literacy Medical terminology Intro to statistics My college offers summer classes but its only 5 weeks long. People tell me I'd be crazy to take A&P 2 during the summer. What are your suggestions on how I can completely finish my prereqs this year? I'm very weak in math so I know I don't want to pair it with A&P 2 or microbiology. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   x_factor
    You could take all the classes in one semester except Statistics and just take Statistics in the summer. Or take everything except A&P 2 and take it in the summer (tons of students do it, and do just fine).
  4. by   zoe92
    Agreed with X factor! Take everything except one course for the summer.
  5. by   queserasera
    That actually seems like the nest way to do it. Just take stat over the summer and get everything else out of the way.
  6. by   Shorty11
    I agree with previous posters. I would take A&P, Micro, Ethics, Computers, and Med. Terminology together (if possible.) I would then take Stats in the summer. Since you are worried about having math and A&P at the same time, this way you wouldn't. I have taken biology courses with labs during the summer and it is doable, but difficult. I personally have had a much easier time taking math classes during summer session than biology courses with labs. Many schools offer free supplemental instructor for math classes. Our school has a "math lab" open for a few hours every weekday afternoon, including summer. It is staffed by math teachers. You just show up to it, prepared with questions, and they help you. Hopefully your school will offer something similar. I personally found Stats to be easier than say, College Algebra. Maybe you will have a similar experience. Best of luck!