Other struggling Chem students...don't be shy!

  1. I'm studying pre-nursing at Tarrant County College and I expect to be done with my pre-requisites by the end of this summer. The sciences I'm required to complete are Chemistry, A&P 1, A&P2, and Microbiology. I started off with Chemistry and I thought it would be the easiest, but I was wrong! It's more difficult than the honors A&P class I took in high school. Lots of math and details, which I'm awful with. I studied as much as was possible for my first exam and I made an 85. That's not terrible, but I NEED an "A."

    Is anyone else struggling with Chemistry? Perhaps there are others reading who were struggling, but overcame the difficulties and managed to make an "A." How did you succeed? Are there any good books or websites to help?

    What a headache...
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  3. by   cathering
    Chemistry IS a difficult subject. I struggled with it in high school and into college. However, it is doable! With chemistry, you have to really grasp the concepts.. I watched many conceptual chem videos on YouTube. I am a visual learner so that helped me tremendously. Also I can't remember the user, but there are many videos on there that solved through similar problems I had for homework.. That worked for me. Also you must x10000 do the homework! Almost all chem problems are usually word problems so get used to it! Lastly, I bought the student solutions manual for my text book so I could revisit my steps and compare with the solution manual (it shows the series of steps to solving the problem and the correct answer) so that I can see where I went wrong or an easier way to solving the problem. Oh, and you must know vocab definitions and listing the definitions of theorems always found its way into an exam! Good luck and good luck in ur nursing career, I start school in jan (: Cathy
  4. by   Trinklee
    Cathy, thanks for the advice. I will definitely look on YouTube! I hear something called Khan Academy is helpful. Perhaps I should catch up on my homework. It's even more difficult because I missed one day of lecture and lab. Congrats on starting school in a few months!
  5. by   rubato
    I sucked at chemistry at first. I think I got a C on the first exam because of conversions and sig figs. But, I ended up with an A in the class. Just buckle down, push through and get it done!
  6. by   Austincb
    Wow I need this thread! I'm taking a&p & chm along with 2 other classes. I made a 90 on my exam and struggled but made it. This week I've literally sat in lecture and did t understand anything my professor said. We had a quiz today and I made a 50 sooo disheartening because he went over everything with me and I still bombed AND I studied the night before. He rarely gives homework but I bought a study guide with practice problems. I spent half the night crying because of my poor score, I cannot fail/drop this class or I lose my financial aid
  7. by   Trinklee
    Austincb, I'm the same with financial aid. Chemistry is just so difficult for me. I guess we just have to push through. :/
  8. by   Trinklee
    Thanks for the encouragement, rubato!
  9. by   Austincb
    We have student support services on campus Which includes tutoring So I started the process to get it tutor to help me with chemistry. I sure do hope that helps!!!!
  10. by   Trinklee
    Thanks, Austincb. I found another student in my class who LOVES Chem and is very good at it, so he's going to be helping me. I'm also going to visit my science center. It took me forever to even realize that we have tutoring for science, because it's way up on the third floor and nobody talks about it. Tutoring for math and writing are highly advertized here, but it's as if tutoring for science doesn't even exist.
  11. by   thats so awesome
    Chemistry was insane when I took it. It just made no freakin sense to me. I finally found an incredible study group (thank you Jesus ) and it finally clicked. Hope everything turns out well for you!
  12. by   NorCalKid
    Quote from thats so awesome
    Chemistry was insane when I took it. It just made no freakin sense to me. I finally found an incredible study group (thank you Jesus ) and it finally clicked. Hope everything turns out well for you!
    I did the same. Group saved my *ss. Chem was the hardest of the pres for me.
  13. by   Trinklee
    I'm going to try to find a study group, then...
  14. by   JuneTongrasmee
    hi im also a pre-nursing student at TCC and taking chemistry as well. I made a 100 on my first test but that was due to countless hours of studying. What i try to do is scan the chapter before lecture so you're not totally clueless during class then after class do the problems after each chapter. and if i still dont understand the material the science learning center really helps. i always use khanacademy.org for some of the stuff i dont understand like balancing equations and it really helps. so good luck to you (: