Online Statistics Class?

  1. Has anyone taken an online statistics class? How did you do on it? What sort of math is involved with statistics?

    I haven't taken a math in about 10 years. The last time was College Alegbra, which I somehow got through with a C. I had already been out of high school at that point for 6 years and really didn't remember a lot about Algebra.

    I'm wondering if it would even be possible for me to take an online stats class. I'm thinking probably not since I really don't remember Algebra? Is that used in stats... no idea. lol

    I'm doing well enough with basic chem equations right now. Thoughts?
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  3. by   CareQueen
    I am taking an online stats class now. Most of stats is simply remembering how to apply formulas, which is why I think most schools offer it online. I thought I was crazy to take it online, but so far so good. As long as your prof is accessible for questions and explanations, you should be fine.

    My online course is completely online except for the exams. (We are required to report to one of the campuses to take the exams, per the college's regulations for the Math Dept.)

    The best advice I can give is to forewarn you that this class will take tons of discipline in order to keep up. Most people don't exactly enjoy math so they arent jumping to do problem sets everyday, but you'll have to force yourself to keep up with the schedule in order to be prepared for exams.

    I am not great at Algebra and didn't find that I needed much of it for Stats. (This is my second time taking Stats. My ABSN prog won't accept it from my first undergrad degree because it was Stats for Govt majors-apparently too theory based for their liking. -_-)

    Just learn to apply the formulas & you'll do fine.

    Best of luck!
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  4. by   phoenixnim
    Discipline isn't much of a problem. I've taken several online classes already, all in writing. But even with chem now, which I go to campus for, I will look up practice problems and seek out online quizzes to study.

    There is always youtube instructions, I guess... *still thinking...*
  5. by   norcal21438
    I completed Statistics completely online through AMU (American Military University), which has a civilian counterpart APU (American Public University). These schools are both regionally accredited and all coursework, along with all exams are not proctored :-)
    Hope this helps. Now, even with this being an online - no proctored test course, it is still not easy by any means, so please don't get me wrong. I worked very hard throughout the course and ended up with a high 89%, I think it was 89.83%, so close to an A, but ended up overall with a B. Good luck...