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I'm waiting at the moment to hear back from the University of South Dakota for the fall semester ADN. In the meantime, I'm taking 9 online credit hours- one of the being statistics. Was anybody... Read More

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    Welp, I'm two chapters in and I'm getting an A. That's on top of two other online classes, so I think I'm doing pretty darn well! I agree with you, Jena- staying on top of stuff is essential. What I love about this class (and yea, it's through Pearson, which is awesome) is that it tracks your progress, so I'm really motivated by watching my scores stay or go up. Also, the professor teaches each section by video and a worksheet that you follow along with in the lecture, then you do the homework in the lab.

    I wasn't good at math until I got to college, then something clicked. College Algebra got me a B+ and I've done pretty well in classes like Chemistry (A), so I think I'll be alright. I just wanted to see if there was anybody else out there, and get a litmus on reactions from the class.

    Thanks, y'all!

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    I am finishing up Chapter 2 as well, and I am also using MSL. I really find the lecture videos really helpful in explaining content. I also agree it is staying on top of everything. With three online courses this semester, if I get behind there really would be no way to catch back up. Glad to hear that things are going well!
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    I am taking it online with MSL as well. I wish we had video lectures! We just have fairly basic outlines and the textbook. has some great stats videos though!
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    I took Statistics on campus in the fall. Statistics is a doable course. What helped me many a days in Statistics were different statistics apps that I downloaded off of my iPad. The following apps were Simple 'N Easy Statistics & Probability, Khan's Academy Statistics, Khan's Academy Probability, Statistics and Probability Tutor, and different statistics videos via ITunes U app. Most of all in addition to practicing your assigned work do more problems. You would be just fine like me. I survived Statistics with an A-. Good luck..HUGS!!

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