Once I'm accepted, how long do I have to decide?

  1. Right now I'm waiting to hear from the schools I have applied to (all in northern CA). They have slightly different dates when they say they will notify me. What I'm wondering is how long do most schools allow before you have to make a decision?

    Just for example: Say I hear from one program on Mar. 15 and I'm accepted. (I hope!) Ideally I'd also like to know if I'm into another program that doesn't notify me until April 7. Can I wait until I get other acceptances/rejections? Or do I need to give the first school my decision right away?

    Thanks for any help on this.
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  3. by   runsalot
    All school will have a date that you have to accept by. So it will depend on the specific school. I would suggest searching this site for the various schools you are waiting to hear back from and see what they have done in the past. Or call the school and ask.
  4. by   lalacb123
    Usually around 2-3 weeks. I would call the school to verify.
  5. by   Miiki
    They usually tell you by what day you must accept or reject there offer.
  6. by   scwolf
    Great. Thanks, folks. runsalot, good idea about searching this site. I'll try it. It has been a great resource for finding out how long schools actually take to notify applicants.
  7. by   AmberHopefulRN
    I received my letter on February 20th, and I had to let them know by March 8th whether I accepted or not. My school is in Missouri.
  8. by   scwolf
    Thanks, AmberHopefulRN.