Once accepted to nursing school (remaining classes)

  1. Hey everyone! I am about to send off my application and I currently only have two classes remaining for my pre-recs. I am currently having a really difficult time with my physiology course and I might be only able to managed getting a C and I can more than likely make a B in my micro class (all A's and B's thus far in other nursing pre-recs GPA 3.56). If I am accepted and make a C and B in my last two classes could the school revoke my acceptance?

    sorry for being so wordy,
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  3. by   meeep
    Depends on the school policy. Some schools require you pass with a C in remaining coursework, in which case you'd be ok. Some schools require a B though, so I would find out what your school requires.
  4. by   zoe92
    Hmm they may be able to. I would call and check. for the schools I applied to, if you get accepted for the next semester and are still finishing a couple classes, you must get B's in them to keep that acceptance.